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If you’re looking for Canada’s Top 5 skilled trade jobs in 2022, you’re in the right place. 

Over 6 million people in Canada have a trade, and it’s no surprise that it has been growing. Last year there were almost five times more skilled trades workers than auto assembly sector jobs. 

Let’s look at these skilled trade jobs in this blog, and you can decide later what goes perfectly for you.

What are Skilled Trade Jobs?

The need for skilled trade jobs has skyrocketed, as have their wages and the possibility for growth. The skilled trades are one of the most dependable, reliable, and rewarding career choices for anyone who wants to work with their hands. And with the economy changing and technology taking over, there’s never been a better time to get into this field. 

Skilled trade workers are the one who usually obtains certifications and qualifications from schooling to get into these in-demand positions or in any they wish to pursue. Professional trade job offers good earning potential.

Here are Canada’s Top 5 Skilled Trade Jobs in 2022 and their approximate annual income.



Estimated Annual Salary $101,376

The plumbers in Canada are earning a good amount of wages. Plumbers operate in commercial and residential, industrial plants and building areas to install or fix various plumbing problems.

The pipes might reek sometimes, but the earning capacity smells just fine. The job of plumbers is to install, repair and maintain pipes and plumbing equipment or fixtures.



Estimated Annual Salary $95,235

If we say welding is one of the great paying jobs in Canada, it would be no wrong. They used welding machines to join metal things together. The area for these jobs are companies that make steel, plate work, boilers, aircraft, heavy machinery parts, ships, and anything that uses metal products by welding them. 



Estimated Annual Salary $94,521

Earning as an electrician in the maple leaf country is easy. You can opt for multiple options for this job, like working for city maintenance, a business renovation project, or general public housing and commercial development projects. One must understand the composition of electrical systems for this role.



Estimated Annual Salary $91,584

Millwrights are workers who lodge, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair machinery and mechanical equipment. They are also one of the good earners in maple leaf country. You could work for a factory or plant and be competent in operating, installing, replacing and repairing machinery.



Estimated Annual Salary $74,764

Carpenters are the one who builds nearly all the houses and apartments in Canada, so there is a lot of work for them out there. Carpenters are implied to install, maintain, and repair the structure of components made up of wood, lightweight steel or timber substitutes. They work in construction firms, maintenance departments, industries, and contractors.

As a carpenter, you’ll install varied components of a structure, such as windows, doors, stairwells, mouldings, and other hardware.


In conclusion, The need for workers with a robust set of specific skills will continue to grow throughout the next few years.

Skilled trades have been a source of opportunities and pride for the Canadian people for some time now. Their journey toward the future can either be bright or dim, 

The above top 5 skilled trade jobs are upcoming. This shows that there are great opportunities that qualified traders will have, especially from the Federal government sector.

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