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Are you still using the old-school resume you made years back? This blog is undoubtedly for you! As everything needs a transformation, so does your resume require that cherry on the top embellishment.

Mailing the old version of your resume over the years to hiring managers conceivably is the reason for coming back to you less. We all have heard that the first impression is the last and it is indeed right in this context.

To your rescue, this blog is your ultimate guide as we pen down some pro tips for a good resume that’ll help.

So let’s get to the business.

6 Tips You Need To Update Resume

Here we carefully handpicked some resume tips for students and graduates to revamp.

  • Start Working On Look Of Resume

In today’s cut-throat era and crowded market, we can not miss any shot to stand out; negligence can leave us behind, and you’re not supposed to do that.

If somebody says a resume look doesn’t count, they have not experienced the actual job hunt battleground. First, do enough research on your resume’s latest trends and styles; the overall look of the resume is essential; exclude the old-style objective from the resume. It’s a big RED FLAG for hiring managers not to approach you since you are not updated with the latest trends. 

Make sure the resume communicates clearly your career goals and grab the attention of your hiring manager with catchy headlines.

  • Update Formatting and Design

Formatting is THE MOST CRUCIAL element when it comes to resume writing.

The layout of the resume should be minimal and attractive, now it’s very easy and simple to design your resume through ready-made templates available. Use reverse chronological order to format your resume which depicts your most recent work experience to your oldest.

Employers are short on time hence your resume should be one-page. Keep your font size standard which is 10-12, and give more heading and section to make it easily scannable and distinguishable. Give a 1 inch margin on all sides to show neatness. Avoid any typos and grammar mistakes. The entire resume look should portray you as a professional and organized candidate.

  • Remove Irrelevant Work Experience

If you have worked in the same industry for years, stick to the relevant experience.

Any work experience that has no relevance to your current job or the vacancy you will apply for, consider removing it to be more concise and focused. You can disclose your irrelevant job experience when you meet your recruiter in person if the recruiter asks.

  • Refresh Your Contact Details

If you’ve newly moved or changed your number, make sure the contact information on your resume is updated with your latest contact details, professional social media handles along with your online portfolio links, which leaves a good image of yours to the recruiter that you are genuine and also lets them have a look to learn more about you.

  • Make Your Resume ATS Friendly

Get ready for your resume for ATS Parsing. Recruiters now parse the resume through ATS, so don’t forget to format your resume ATS-friendly. 

ATS is an applicant tracking system that tracks applicants’ data from resumes. Hence formatting the resume as per ATS parsing is essential. The resume parsing extracts the key points, including contact details, name and email, degree, skills and work experience.

Don’t use fancy fonts or soft pastel font colours; use one standard font throughout your cv, and better submit a word or text format.

  • Save Your Resume in PDF Format

Now you are all done with your resume updating, formatting and proofreading? It’s time to save it either in a PDF format or a Docx format. 

PDF format keeps your formatting and illustrations in place and is readable by ATS technology. 

Over To You.

Now that you are well versed about the latest way of resume formatting tips there’s no time to waste. 

You never know if a great opportunity will knock on your door by tomorrow, and your resume is not yet revamped. You surely don’t want to regret it later, right?

Give it a go with your updated resume and good luck!