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Gone were those days when hiring was complicated and challenging, but the modern landscape has changed the concept of hiring, and companies prefer hiring a staffing agency to do the job.

As per researched based survey thirty-eight of companies surveyed showed that it is challenging to find the qualified and right talent. 

Dealing with candidates, their payrolls, and interviews is a very hassle-based daunting task that a company usually faces. That’s where staffing agencies come in and do it professionally for businesses as per their needs.

So in case, if you were finding out why the companies prefer staffing agencies, or you feel like now it makes sense to use a staffing agency, you are at the right place to know that. 

Let’s get to the business.

Benefits Of Working With Staffing Agency

Teaming up with a professional staffing agency will get you great results, and these benefits will turn into great favour for the companies. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Access To Qualified Candidates

If you don’t have time to get into the long, tiring process of taking interviews and carefully selecting the most qualified candidate for the proper position, and avoiding getting into a mishire situation.

The staffing firms are professional at allocating qualified candidates for the job. A suitable candidate has more potential to meet the job responsibilities and likely will excel more quickly than others.

  • Onboarding and Payroll

Another great reason companies these days prefer staffing agencies is outsourcing the employee payroll, which means the candidates that work with the companies hired by staffing agencies will also get paid by the staffing agency.

Onboarding paperwork and payroll taxes is the stressful part for any company, which eventually is taken by the staffing agency thankfully, leaving the companies relaxed. 

  • Access To Talent Pool

Since the job of staffing agencies is to hire and recruit the talent for the proper job role, they already have an extensive network of candidates in their database, considered as a talent pool. 

Because they are regularly in contact with the prospects. That talent pool is built on years of experience and networking. They have the best resources to utilize; hence, it’s quicker and easier for them to hire any candidate according to the job position. 

  • Well-Versed About Industry Market

The staffing agency knows all the ins and outs of the industries. They have invested their time and years into having the insight of what usually employers look for in the appropriate candidate and we exactly match to their needs.

Staffing agencies are well-versed about the salary packages. The market trends, the hiring methods and new hiring trends, they know how to retain the employee. They are familiar with the types of candidates, and the qualities candidates look for in their dream jobs. 

  • Prevents The Work-Load

The staffing agency also caters to temporary positions in case you need an employee to fill the work temporarily. This could be your saviour option. 

For instance, if your employee is on extended leave instead of another employee getting workload, the company would prefer hiring a temporary employee until the permanent employee returns.

  • Try Out a Candidate Before Full-Time Position

To decide if the employee would fit perfectly, this strategy works great.

By initiating an employee on a contract, you can choose whether the prospect is a good match for both sides, and then if it is not, both can part their separate ways much more effortlessly.

How Can the Best Manage Staffing Agency Help You?

Best Manage Staffing is a professional staffing agency based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Our commitment to providing thoroughly prepared people is our driving force, and it’s so integral we find a way to ensure it. After meeting and evaluating many candidates, we developed our exclusive Job-ready process.

Thanks to the talent pool that has built over years that makes it super-quick, we offer premium staffing solutions to our clients that are reliable, fast and quick. We use the applicant tracking system ATS for that seamless process of hunting. 

Our Exclusive Job-Ready Process:

  • Resume Review
  • Telephone Pre-Screen Interview
  • Screening and Verification Of Employment Eligibility
  • Skills Assessment Test
  • One-on-one Comprehensive Interview
  • Hiring Decision
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Certified Job-Ready

So are you looking to grow or expand your team? Get in touch with us for the details.

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